Competition venue

All competitions are held in Haanja, centered at Haanja Ski Center. Haanja is the hilliest part of Estonia. Competition area is situated 230 to 280 meters above sea level. Terrain is mainly forested with open areas around the Haanja village. There is a permanent network of well-groomed ski tracks. Haanja is located 90 km from Tartu.

Competition venue:   special areas for competitors and coaches, medical services, doping test section, press, VIP area, storage, toilets

Livecam of Haanja Ski Center

Embargoed areas

The area indicated on the map is the embargoed area for WUC Ski Orienteering 2018, embargoed for all competitors, teams, officials and others who, through knowledge of the terrain, may influence the results of the WUC Ski Orienteering 2018.

Previous orienteering maps of the area